If paddling is in your blood, we have canoe and kayak rentals. (Kayak rentals on Neso Lake only)
Try a relaxing paddle around the lake, or, if more adventure interests you, consider the Mistik Creek, from Naosap Lake to our camp on Neso Lake. A 26 mile trip down a winding creek with a series of untouched lakes featuring good walleye fishing. Drop
off at your start point is $100.00 (CDN)

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Mistik Creek

How about something a little more challenging? The Grass River, from Cranberry Portage to the beautiful Wekusko Falls, is 100 miles of variety; small lakes, winding river, and large lakes. Drop off and pickup for this trip is $250.00 (CDN)

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Grass River

Ingi Bjornson is available as an interpretive guide for your canoeing experience. With his numerous years of hunting, trapping, and listening to the sounds of the land, he can help
you to identify beaver houses, tracks, bear sign, the snort of an otter, or mimic the call of the raven.

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$35/day, $20 per additional day

                                                     Recreational Kayaks (on Neso Lake only)
$35 per day, $20 per additional day

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